7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 1

I finally decided to join the fun at Conversion Diary and do a 7 Quick Takes Friday! Which is hosted at Camp Patton today since Jen is too busy becoming a reality star this week.


My sister started RCIA classes this Sunday. She is officially “just learning,” but I have high hopes. I started RCIA 6 years ago this month, and at the time, she threw a fit about me even considering joining the Catholic Church. Needless to say, I’m delighted at how times have changed. How does one go from emphatically anti-Catholic to RCIA in 6 years? Is this a sign of my ability to articulate the deeper meanings of Catholicism in my daily life? My quiet demonstration of the sacraments? I think that once again, we have no explanation other than the grace of God.


My sister-in-law and I joined the St. Joseph’s Women’s Club this week. Somehow, I signed up to work the concession stand at Bingo and we both joined St. Veronica’s guild. Afterwards, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things. In the car, we were discussing following the church’s teachings in regards to marriage. I remarked that not only is gay marriage a sin, remarriage is also. If my darling husband leaves me, I would be alone (and celibate!) until one of us dies. We both agreed that if (God forbid) such a thing were to happen, we would prefer to join a convent. No surprises there, we’ve discussed our nun-envy before. We were a little gray, however, on whether or not a divorced (in this case, abandoned) woman would be able to take holy orders or even stay on at the convent. My sister-in-law decided the best course of action would be to ask her mother-in-law, a former nun, who is our personal Catholic encyclopedia. We were both satisfied with that decision….for a moment. Until I suggested that she might not ask her mother-in-law about the protocols for Catholic divorce. Might spark the imagination.


Here’s another in-law tale for you. My mother-in-law stayed at our house while we were in Hawaii and looked after our cats. It was such a blessing for us. I worry constantly that some ill will fall upon our home or our cats when we’re not there, so a week without anyone there would have been a nightmare for me. The first few days, as it turned out, were a nightmare for my poor mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law was quite spooked by our chiming clock. She didn’t realize we had one, and upon searching the house, she couldn’t find it. But every hour, on the hour, the chimes went off. Now, I do have quite a few clocks. In fact, I used to collect them, but they’re small and most of them have no batteries because the ticking drives me insane. This is why I stopped collecting them. Batteries or no, none of the clocks chime. So, being the rational creature my mother-in-law is, she decides it’s most certainly a ghost. Certainly some angry spirit has penetrated the veil between dimensions to announce the time. Every hour, my mother-in-law is plagued by the chiming of the ghost clock. Once, she was sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop when the chimes went off and it was as if they were coming from right above her!

One night, the chimes began and my mother-in-law raced to her laptop (I don’t remember why. Maybe to email Ghostbusters?) and saw her new widget she had downloaded to her desktop. It’s the Big Ben clock. What does it do? Why, it displays the time. And chimes. Every hour. On the hour.


Since I quit smoking, my sense of smell has returned. In Hawaii, this was amazing. All the beautiful flowers, the smell of the ocean, the wonderful concessions at the International Marketplace. It made every moment even more beautiful.

Here on the mainland, having my sense of smell back,well, it stinks. Some examples:

  • I was blown away at 7-Eleven by a vile bathroom. I could smell it from anywhere in the store. I could probably smell it from outside the store.
  • When I opened the bag of dry cat food today, I thought there was a dead, whole fish inside. I thought it had gone bad. It reeked something awful!
  • People who smoke. IS THAT WHAT I USED TO SMELL LIKE?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Poop. Poop seems to be everywhere.


I have been jet-lagged all week! My self discipline has not been strong enough to go to bed at a decent hour, so I’ve been up until 4am nightly and sleeping in until noon. I look at the clock at around 11pm and say to myself, “This would be a perfect time to have a sleeping pill and nod off.” Since I lack the self respect to give myself a proper response, I simply shrug, and continue whatever it is I’m doing until 4am.


In the hopes of ruining my last few days before returning to work, I decided to go and get sick. Fine. Instead of deep-cleaning the house, or finishing my quilting project and starting on another, I’ll just wander around the house, sniffling, over-drugged, miserable…and catch myself staring at the wall for the last 2 hours.


I’m ready to head back to work…but not to my job. I think I’m ready for a change. It’s been difficult to find a new job because I make commission so it’s really hard to get a job in the same pay range, but I think it may be time to start looking. I’ve been wanting to get my Real Estate certification. I’m praying we can save up the money to pay for the classes so I can get it done soon!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 1

  1. Funny about your MIL and the widget…sounds like something I’d do! Good luck on your next season and career, whatever it may be 😉

  2. #7 completely applies to me (minus the commission thing). I am desperate for a job change.

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