7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 6


After two MRIs and more Doctor appointments than I would like to count….we still don’t have a diagnosis. At my most recent follow-up appointment, I was advised that I have a tiny cyst on my brain that’s not the cause of the numbness in my left arm and leg, and besides that, nothing conclusive. So, we’re doing more blood work and another MRI! Sweet! The 1st MRI was my back, the 2nd was my brain, and the 3rd will be my cervical spine, aka my neck. One may wonder why they didn’t just do all in 1 shot. Actually, I’m glad they didn’t. Because that would have meant about 1.5 hours stuck in here:

…listening to this:

…and I would have had a definitive diagnosis of insanity with a prescription for this…

So, doing all 3 MRIs in 1 shot would be a bad idea. However, since my next appointment isn’t for another two weeks, I decided to wait until next week to do the MRI. Because sometimes you need a week off from having MRIs.


I have a confession to make. I forgot to register to vote. Scott is so ashamed of me! Especially after I posted about learning the importance of voting. I really did intend to. I really did, I just forgot. I’m blaming the cyst on my brain.


Yes, I plan on blaming a lot of things on the cyst on my brain. I paid good money on that MRI. I expect to get some mileage out of it.


I posted earlier this week about the importance of being meek and I prayed that I could obtain this virtue. Of course, I had a horrifying day at work which came to a head with me crying in the bathroom because I just couldn’t stand to put up with anyone’s nonsense anymore. Once I made it home, I realized I had been under spiritual attack all day. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a St. Michael medal? I think I know what tomorrow’s prayer will be!


Mmmmm. It’s worth getting married to be able to stay home on Saturday night and chow down on this yumminess.

The past few weekends, we’ve had date night at home, and I’ve fixed this amazing Chicken Parmesan Bake recipe twice. It’s supposed to be the most pinned recipe on Pinterest? I’m not on Pinterest. I pinned this chicken with my fork. And I put it in my mouth. It’s such an easy, and yet fancy dish. Oh, and since I didn’t use the whole jar of chunky marinara sauce, I used the leftover sauce to make English Muffin Pizzas so none of it went to waste.


I picked a radish out of my garden. It wasn’t ready. Dang it!


Yep, I’m not just excited, I’m ALL CAPS EXCITED!!!

An Affair of the Heart is this weekend in Oklahoma City. Every February and November October, my sisters-in-law and I go shop, hang out and eat Indian Tacos. It’s one of my favorite events of the year. I’m hoping to get a serious jump on Christmas shopping, get some fresh air and exercise (lots of walking to do!) and just relax. I think it’s going to be a good weekend!

Now that is just beautiful.

Let’s see, I’ve posted pictures of an Indian Taco, an MRI machine, a Chicken Parmesan casserole, and a strait jacket….Head on over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes and less crazy talk!

 And then my kids started asking me why they should wear clothes or brush their hair since we never see other human lifeforms, and began developing startlingly close relationships to their imaginary friends, and I promptly signed them up for 1,000 activities.  –Jen @ Conversion Diary

Or maybe more crazy talk. Whatevs.


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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 6

  1. Having listened to the first 30 seconds of MRI chatter, I think it’s a really good thing that my son was sedated for his last year.

  2. I work in an outpatient center (doing CT), but that is PRECISELY why they don’t do so many MRIs back to back…most people just can’t hang that long…good move…and milk that puppy for all it’s worth!
    Going to have to try that chick parm recipe…looks amazing!

  3. I played the MRI sounds for my husband and my cats went spastic for the rest of the evening! Both MRIs I’ve done were about 25 minutes and for about the last 5 I was holding back from screaming and trying to claw my way out. It’s just crazy how something like that can mess with your head!

    The Chicken Parmesan is amazing. Amaaaaaazing.

  4. I have everything that I need to make those english muffin pizzas! Thanks for figuring out dinner for me! 🙂

  5. #3 cracked me up…I’ve never had an Indian Taco, it looks yummy. In addition to a St Michael medal look up ‘St Anthony’s Brief’ (yes that’s what it is called and it’s real)–very powerful in spiritual warfare.

  6. I just went through a round of MRIs and brain scans which all turned out normal. I quit eating gluten and my numbness disappeared within a week. Here’s a link to a blog post I just wrote about my experience. It’s worth a try http://theholyterra.blogspot.com/2012/10/death-by-bread.html

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