7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 8 (The Babygate Incident)



If you’re following this from 7QT Friday at Conversion Diary, please feel free to share your wisdom with me and my sister, who is going through RCIA. You can read my cry for help here.

For whatever reason, this story has been on my mind today and I just felt that I needed to share it. So, here’s my healing rosary story in 7 quick takes:


Thanksgiving 2009, Scott and I were at his parents’ house, preparing to enjoy a nice dinner. Due to a number of small children, there was a baby gate between the kitchen and the dining room. I was going from the kitchen to the dining room. I swung my right leg over. Success. I swung my left leg over. FAIL. My foot got caught on the baby gate and I hit the ground with a WHOMP that echoed through the house. Scott has a very large and loud family, but everyone heard my knee hit the floor. Everyone rushed over to see what happened.

Safety 1st, my toe!


Of course, I was humiliated. Rebecca fall down go boom. Everyone kept asking if I was okay. I kept assuring everyone that it didn’t hurt that bad because, well, it didn’t! I was perfectly fine. That year, we were living in Tulsa, and I had to work the next day, so right after dinner, we got in the car and drove for 2 hours from Norman back to Tulsa. Everything was fine. Except…


When we got back to Tulsa, I couldn’t walk.

I tried to get out of the car like normal and nearly fell. I was hurt after all. The next few days, I found that my knee would lock up when I sat for more than a few minutes. I walked with a little limp, a little hobble. As the weeks went on, it didn’t get any worse, but it certainly didn’t get better. Genuflecting and kneeling at Mass was painful, and when it was time to get up, I had to hold onto the pew in front of me with one hand and Scott with the other. Even if I was just sitting, standing up was suddenly a big production. Getting in and out of the car, getting out of bed….you name it, it was tough.

One night when we were visiting in Norman, I went to adoration at the chapel without Scott and knelt to do the rosary. I literally didn’t think I was going to be able to get up. The chapel pews weren’t quite tall enough for me to really pull myself up, but I managed to do it with some considerable effort.


After a few months, I resigned myself to the fact that I had a bad knee. Why didn’t I go to the doctor? Well, Scott was unemployed at the time, and when your husband is unemployed, you don’t go to the doctor unless there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to die. I used a knee brace some days, but I had a hard time keeping it on so I did without most of the time.


3 months after the Babygate incident (you must have seen that one coming), my favorite liturgical season arrived: LENT. I decided to do the rosary every day of Lent. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always kneel through the entire rosary. Because I’m extreme like that.

Not just extreme. Catholic insanity wolf extreme!

Actually, as a Catholic convert, I started doing it that way because I thought you were supposed to (I still think you’re supposed to) and now that’s just what I do. So, every evening, wincing and groaning, I knelt down by the bed and did the rosary. Some nights, I was able to pull myself up by holding onto the bed, and some nights, I had to roll around and get into a better position. My knee just didn’t work anymore.

Why didn’t I stop kneeling and genuflecting? Because I’m a Catholic, that’s why!


I think it was the weekend of Palm Sunday…we were back in Norman and I went to the Chapel for Adoration. I knelt to do the rosary, and then got up and sat down.

And then I realized what I had just done. Without rolling around. Without pain or agony or hoisting.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but my knee was completely healed. It hasn’t bothered me a day since.


Yes, yes, you can say that it just needed time to heal, however, it was out of whack for over 4 months and I doubt that applying pressure to it for 20 minutes a night is standard medical procedure. I did the rosary every night, only missing 2 nights out of 46 and my busted knee that showed no improvement for 4 months was suddenly perfectly fine. Say what you will, I know that my knee was healed because of my prayers. The most amazing thing about it for me is that I never once asked for it.

Doing the rosary every night is hard to do. I want to get in the habit, but I always seem to fall out after just a few days. But I know that what happened to my knee is just a tiny taste of the goodness I could experience in my life if I just devoted 20 minutes a day to prayer and meditation on the life of Christ.

I love to kneel in prayer. There is no better way to address the creator of all things than to kneel in absolute reverence. I would hate to not be able to kneel before the consecrated host, before communion, and for the rosary. We need more kneeling, not less. That’s just one more thing the Catholic church has given me.

Isn’t that just awesome? Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for healing my knee! If you feel the need to go kneel and get a decade in real quick, feel free, but head over to see Jen for more quick takes just as soon as you get done!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 8 (The Babygate Incident)

  1. This Anglican-Lutheran hybrid agrees that kneeling is proper at Communion.

  2. Amazing! You just inspired me to start kneeling again when I say mine before bedtime…I usually fall asleep but if I knelt next to the bed that’d be less of a problem…

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fabulous story. At some point I got out of the habit of kneeling (at home) during prayers. You inspired me to resurrect kneeling!!

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