Calling All Catholics! Help!

My sister has been attending RCIA classes this year, which is nothing short of a miracle. 6 years ago, I was attending RCIA and she was absolutely horrified with me. Recently, she posted her major issues with the Catholic church online, and I’m already working on CCC approved responses, but it turns out, I’m not this guy….

…so I would seriously appreciate any help I can get. Here is a breakdown of her issues:

Praying to Mary
Praying to Saints
Perpetual Virginity of Mary
Physical Blood & Body
Baby Baptism
Disfellowship of other Christians
Forced stands on social issues
Veneration of the pope
Drop me a comment here or an email at, or comment on her blog directly (link above).


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2 thoughts on “Calling All Catholics! Help!

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  2. On Mary and the Saints: It’s always bothered me when we used the term praying ‘to,’ because praying to anyone but God in the trinity is straight up heathen! Here’s the quick and dirty explanation the way I understand it: We ask people here on earth to pray for us all the time because there is absolute power in prayer. And when we ask for prayer, we usually turn to those who we trust the most and those who clearly have a strong relationship with God. And if we believe in eternal life as Christians and believe that all existing souls are part of the Body of Christ, then it makes every bit of sense in the world to ask souls in heaven for prayer, too. Especially because their prayers are not tainted or misguided by the sins of this world. They are infinitely closer to God than we are, so their prayers are that much more effective. When we say praying ‘to’ Mary or a saint, what it really means is Intercessory Prayer, i.e., asking the intercession of St. Jude in a difficult situation. So the idea is that certain saints in heaven had certain experiences here on earth that they understand personally. If we are having problems with a pregnancy, we would think it very wise to ask for the prayers of a faithful friend who had a difficult pregnancy herself, because we know she understands and can pray for us that much more effectively. Therefore it’s just as intuitive to ask St. Gianna to pray for us, who went through her own difficult pregnancy and died shortly after the birth of her child. We know she understands, and her prayers are that much more effective because she not only understands but is infinitely closer to God in heaven. We should pray directly to God, too, but the Bible says that ‘where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am,” so the more friends on earth as well as saints you ask to pray for you, the more you are connecting with the Body of Christ in elevating that prayer request to God. Very powerful stuff in thinking about the power of community! As far as Mary, she is the closest to Jesus and therfore the best person in the world to pray for us, especially because she herself was human but always did the will of God and lived without sin. And her entire MISSION on this earth was to lead us to Jesus. So we can only benefit by asking Mary for prayer, because she never wants glory for herself, she only wants to bring us to her son. Tthe rosary is a meditation, and the Hail Mary is simply a meditative prayer that asks Mary to pray for us, just like all the other intercessory prayers. We do not pray TO her, because that would be offensive to God. But in asking her to pray FOR us, using the words of scripture that recognized the gift of the divine savior who she carried in her womb (many people do not realize that the Hail Mary comes straight from scripture), we not only elevate our prayers through the one who loved Jesus most on earth, but also coming closer to the truth of who he was by meditating on all of the mysteries–i.e. truths of Christ, that will bring us closer to Christ. Mary and the saints are not essential to our salvation, just as no family member or friend here on earth is essential to our salvation. Because salvation only comes from Christ. But it’s pretty hard to go it alone. And if we ignore the gift of Mary and the saints, or our faith community of friends and family here on earth, than we are discounting the innumerable instruments who want to help us on our journey to Christ and to salvation. They are just amazing tools and examples to help bring us to God!

    Praying for your sis! Happy belated anniversary, by the way…hope yours was as wonderful as ours and you enjoyed that movie/Chinese food! 🙂

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