Repatronizing: What Happens to the Saint You Cast Aside?

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When I was going through RCIA 6 years ago, I was unable to attend classes because I had to work every Sunday. I had make-up sessions with the deacon who was leading the class and every Sunday, Scott brought home copies of the day’s lessons for me to look over.

I hate to default to my most over-used excuse, but I was busy! I was working as a supervisor at a call center and I hadn’t quite figured out the law of diminishing returns, so I put in entirely too much overtime. I’ve admitted before that I didn’t prepare myself properly for confirmation, but that in no way invalidates my confirmation. I just have to, you know, catch up every now and then.

So when it came time to choose a saint, I had a difficult time. Finding a patron is a horrible experience. You have to, to some extent, define yourself. The patron of nurses certainly won’t do for someone who faints at the sight of a syringe! So who am I?

I wasn’t sure. I picked St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross because, well,…I don’t know! There! I’ll say it! I just picked one! Go on and judge me if you like!

Years later, I was reading up on St Francis. I absolutely adore St Francis of Assisi. I have such a longing to live a simple life, to not be caught up in material things. So, I called my sponsor and asked him if I could change my patron saint.

At which point he scoffed at me for being such a dreadful Catholic and told me I should seek out the patron saint of indecisiveness. Hence the title of this blog, in which I seek to be a better Catholic.

I decided that St Francis would be my new patron anyway, scoffing or not. I was happy with that decision and promptly put a St Francis statue out on my front porch. When the wind knocked him over and decapitated him, I bought another. Recently, I knocked him over and his head went rolling off as well, but that’s really another story. St Francis made a wonderful patron for me, especially since I am an avid quilter and he is the patron of needleworkers! Perfect! If only I had taken the time to pick the correct patron in the first place.

That was years ago, and I’ve thought very little about the whole thing ever since. About a week ago, I decided to use Jennifer Fulwilers Saint Name Generator to pick a patron for the year, something I haven’t done before. I said a prayer, hit the button and…

St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross.


Not again.

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3 thoughts on “Repatronizing: What Happens to the Saint You Cast Aside?

  1. Oh, I can so easily relate to this! I was confirmed when I was about 10 and chose St Catherine of Alexandria as my patron saint. It didn’t mean much to me (or anyone really) but years later I came back to the Church (via Evangelicalism). I feel like St Teresa of Avila has been huge intercessor for me but I also kind of feel like I’m neglecting St Catherine and on it goes!

    In the end I decided that I could have lots of patrons and since they’re saints, they won’t mind… too much! đŸ™‚

    But I hope you find great encouragement from the life St Teresa Benedicta and great help from her intercession.

    God bless,


    • It is rather difficult to pick just one! When I pray for intercession, it’s most common for me to rattle off the names of every one I know, just to try to get a crowd going. Of course, I, like many Catholics, could stand to learn more about our precious saints!

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