7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol 14:

I apologize in advance for the scattered, hair-brained content of this post.


1: Christmas Hangover

Every day, every stinking day, I realize something I forgot to do for the holidays, now that we’re working to get everything put up. Oh, look, here’s a wreath that never got put out, here’s a pumpkin pie bar mix that never got made, and Snoopy socks I never wore, and HOW DID I FAIL TO PUT OUT THE CHRISTMAS HAND TOWELS?!?!?!?! I just feel like the only way to fix this is to get in the time machine, go back in time and start all over.

But you know what? I kept up with the Jesse tree. The whole season.

download (3)

2: 2 is for 2 Years Later

We’ve been living in our current house for 2 years now. This is a joyous occasion. Our marriage has been so full of moving and shuffling around, that the longest we were ever in one place was in our cramped, tiny little apartment. Until now. Now we’ve lived in this lovely little mid-century ranch style house for longer than we’ve been anywhere else.

And after two years, Scott finally fixed the garage door. The chain was off when we first moved in and there was no remote, so the garage has been more of a junk catch-all than anything else. Scott fixed the chain, I found a new remote, ordered it and paired it, and now, at long last, I no longer have to walk in the rain to get into the house! And it’s so easy when I need to haul groceries into the house. I can just drive them inside instead! I turned 31 last month and this is the first time in my life I have lived in a house with a working garage door, where I could park. It’s so exciting! It’s going to take a while for the shiny to wear off of this one.

3: Simone Weil

I saw this trailer on Ascending Mount Carmel and thought I’d share it.

I’d really like to see the documentary, but when I searched for it on Netflix, it told me it was unavailable and recommended Sons of Anarchy and Phineas and Ferb. I wish I had made that last bit up, but I didn’t.

4: Halp!

This is probably not worthy of sharing but I keep seeing this picture and it’s just the stuff of nightmares.

I suppose I’ve probably always been claustrophobic. My experience in the closed MRI has definitely brought this fear, nay TERROR to light. For example, I fail to see the humor in this picture, which keeps popping up:


No, I look at that picture and suddenly can’t breathe. And want to cry. Moving on.

5: Feeling the Burn

I’ve been doing….fair…on my health and fitness resolutions this year. I’ve had some night snacking issues, which was never a problem until I quit smoking. I’ve been working out pretty consistently–which for me always makes the weight come off more slowly. But, I know I’m building muscle instead of losing it, which is certainly more likely when I’m dropping massive amounts of weight each weak. My stamina is increasing, too. I plan to start running by Valentine’s Day, and do some kind of 5K in the spring. If I’m going to do a run, I want to do it for a good cause, you know? One I believe in! Last summer, I was going to do the Color Run in OKC, but things didn’t line up for me. I was a little ill at ease with it because they didn’t have the “cause” lined up yet. I was a little worried about signing up, paying my fees, and training…only to find out I was running to benefit the Fraternal Brotherhood of Aryan Supremesists or something horrifying like that.

Anybody else working on a fitness routine?

6: All by Myself

Now that everything is back to normal, Scott is once again working every evening and I’m at home by myself all night. However, I’m not going to let that stop me from observing dinner more formally every night.


Now, if they’ll just wear the little outfits I made them.

7: Hail Mary!

I’m pledging to do the rosary every night. So far this year, I’ve only missed twice. Another spiritual goal for the New Year is to read at least 1 Catholic non-fiction book each month. Finishing 1 each month shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve already started 5.

Keep the Fulwilers in your prayers and I’ll let you know where the rest of the Quick Takes are just as soon as I find out!

 Update: Found ’em!

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol 14:

  1. I’m LOLing at the “Fraternal Brotherhood of Aryan Supremesists”. That would be horrifying! Good luck with your 5k! I would love to attempt one this fall. It was a goal last year, and never happened. Oops! 😉

    • I figure it will take about 6 weeks of training once I start running before I can do it. I’m going to keep working out (to build myself up) and start running at the beginning of February. So I’m aiming to do the 5k in April some time. Then maybe once I do that, I’ll have some momentum. I think if I keep my goals short term, it will be easier to meet them. I really, super hope I can do the Color Run, though! It looks like a ton of fun….for the right cause!

      • Are you planning on using the Couch to 5K program? I really liked it when I was doing it… until I stopped. 😛

      • I’m not sure. I tried it before, back about 3 years ago. Last summer, I just did “run backs,” where you walk a certain distance and then run back to where you started, and every few days, you increase the distance. Same concept, I suppose. I just have to remember that one thing they always say about lapping all the people on the couch, right? It just always seems like something comes up and all of the sudden, I’m back on the couch, wondering what happened!

  2. Netflix sometimes recommends the most random things. 🙂

  3. I hope you can keep up with your spiritual goals!

    That Netflix thing made me laugh out loud; sometimes I get weird recommendations on my Amazon and I’m just terrified that someone else will come on my computer and get the wrong idea 😛

    • Don’t get me started on Amazon! I download all my music from Amazon and it’s always classical music, a few Christian bands, a rosary meditation CD, that kind of thing. And it never fails, any recommendation they make always has [explicit lyrics] tacked on to the title. Wha?

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