7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol 17: Unchained Edition

1: Off the Chain

734428_159189494228432_129676950_nWhile out riding my bike today, I was pedaling with much more ferocity than my bike could handle and the chain slipped off. I managed to get it back on (Scott is really the bike mechanic in the house—and the car mechanic as well, although I’ve tried) but it came back off after another half a mile. So, I was forced to do the walk of shame back up to the house, pushing my bike along. Of course, I took the opportunity to feel immensely sorry for myself for having worked so hard, only to have my final success snatched from me before I could see it come to fruition—oh there I go. I’m starting up another pity party. Except that my pity parties are a bit hardcore. It’s more like a rave than a party….

2: Mechanic, Shmechanic

I learned to leave mechanics to Scott a few years ago after I did some work on my car. Something had gone wrong/stopped working–I can’t remember what–and I got into the fuse box and changed out the fuse and it worked again. That was the moment I decided I was qualified to work on cars. My back windows stopped working, and then my “CHECK AIRBAG” warning came on, so I got into the fuse box to fix it right quick.

As I recall, it was about $300 later that Scott forbid me from ever “working” on the car again.

3: Offering It Up

A few months ago, I talked about learning to “offer it up” when faced with suffering. As a convert from Protestantism, this is very strange to me, but it makes a lot of sense. Since I’m a converting from fatness, working out provides an endless opportunity to suffer. My legs ache, my arms ache, and with the mystery health problems I’ve been having, it’s tempting to just quit. When I feel like giving up, I’ve been focusing in on someone and offering up my suffering on their behalf. For example, I may think of someone in particular like our beloved priest, Father Ed. Or someone in general, like all those who are suffering and oppressed. Yes, this hurts, but if I offer it up and ask God to comfort them instead of me, it’s easier to press on.

4. My Sweetie and I!

5970026021_a1a2a1e53b_zIt’s only about 2 weeks until V-Day! What are you doing with your sweetie? We both have to work, and our schedules conflict to the point that we won’t even get to see each other that day! I’m thinking we’ll go out to IHOP just after midnight on V-Day, since it’s right between Ash Wednesday and the first Friday of Lent. So we can have bacon. That’s what love is, isn’t it? Sneaking out after midnight to eat bacon and pancakes together? Sounds like love to me!

5. Tradition!

The ever eloquent Dr. Taylor Marshall talked the other day about Catholics migrating to parishes that were more traditional. Maybe it’s just because I spend so much time on Catholic blogs, but I feel like there’s a slow, powerful movement back toward more tradition, less secularism. Does anyone else feel the pull? The beauty of embracing the sacred over the casual?

As a matter of picking up old traditions that have been tossed aside, I’m thinking of getting a holy water font for the house. Where would I get the holy water? I haven’t got a priest and the fonts have all been removed from the church. I could get a spray tan and sneak into the Lebanese Maronite church down on Alameda maybe?

Are there rules for having a holy water font in your home?

6. Lent is Nigh


Because people told me last week’s fish picture was disgusting.

Lent is almost upon us! I’m thinking of doing a weekly post of Lenten meals. Scott and I are considering adding another meatless day or two, and I’ll be going meatless at lunch every day but Sunday.  Meatless doesn’t have to be fish. I’m not particularly fond of fish, but Jesus was absolutely mad for it. In fact, on one occasion when the disciples were out and didn’t catch any fish, they were ready to turn back, but Jesus was like, “Oh, no! Throw that net over on the other side! We are not going back until we catch some fish!” I’m paraphrasing of course….

Split pea soup is just wonderful. Or potato soup. Maybe one Lenten recipe a week? Two? I’ve got a few weeks to think it over. Maybe someone should host a link-up.

7. Shutting My Mouth

3111207407_ea37525588One thing I’m giving up that I’m not waiting for Lent for is gossiping. Of course, I went out with friends tonight and gossiped my little mouth off. It’s so easy to fall into, which is why I’ve got to wrestle my way out of it. Gossip is so wicked, and an affront to the dignity of the human person, but it seems so harmless that it’s easy to get sucked in.

Enough is enough!

So, I’ll shut up now. You go on over to Conversion Diary for more quick takes!

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5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol 17: Unchained Edition

  1. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for Valentine’s this year… my husband has to work that night so probably nada. 😉

    I may steal your #7 for Lent this year for myself. Gossip is something that I hate that I do, but is so easy for me to “get sucked into” like you said. That would be a good one to work on this year for me.

  2. I feel like we’re moving back to more traditional as well, especially with the ‘natural attrition.’ What is not replaced, well, dies out.

    Oh definitely the holy water fonts! I’ve got them all over the house, k’ maybe an exaggeration, but it’s just so easy to go over and bless yourself whenever feeling a bit not-so-holy.

    Definitely sneak in! Lol! I bet you could find some people online who would send you some as well, then you could dilute it with regular water to make it go farther in your holy water font.

    Not sure of the legitimacy of that, but it’s practical.

    • I hadn’t thought of appealing to have it sent to me! If I can make it to confession (we have priests come for Mass and sacraments), maybe the priest will be so appalled he’ll send me home with a few gallons!

  3. hahah, I loved reading your endeavors into the world of mechanics!

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