Preparing for the Next Great Schism

Divisions within the Catholic Church reached a fever pitch as Pope Francis met with his retired predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Their initial greeting was awkward at best, no doubt both parties felt the undeniable tensions mounting from their power struggle.

You can feel their rage.

You can feel their rage.

I don’t think those two even made eye contact. Pope Emeritus Benedict is currently staying at the papal summer residence while his new quarters within the Vatican are completed. Pope Francis has consented to allowing the retired pope to stay within the Vatican, and rightly so. Outside of the Vatican, he would have too much freedom to set up his own power center rivaling the authority of the new pope. Which is certainly what he’s up to.

This dual papacy is already proving to be a difficult road for Catholics who aren’t sure which pope’s teachings to follow. Shall we follow Pope Emeritus Benedict’s exhortation for us to practice acts of charity that are rooted in faith? Or shall we heed Pope Francis’s call to care for the poor in the name of Christ? These are very confusing times.

I wish they would at least try to get along.

I wish they would at least try to get along.

Seriously, though…

Am I the only one who is loving the pictures that are coming out of this informal lunch? More popery, please!

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