7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol 24: Severe Weather Edition

1: Working for a Living

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written a post. The reason is quite simple: I started a new job where I have actual work to do instead of playing on the internet. Well, I never played on the internet all day, but I spent at least, oh, 5 hours out of 8 with nothing to do. So, I had plenty of time to write and to read blogs. Right now my reader feed has about 30 unread blogs. Overall, I’m so grateful for my new job I could just burst. I went from selling cell phones to preparing zoning reports for commercial real estate properties. However, I must admit, I do miss my blogging time and I hope to start posting regularly again just as soon as I can get into a regular routine.

2: Sisters and Suffering

We currently live in Norman, OK which is so close to Moore, they’re practically the same. I think of Moore as our sister city. Good grief, I do all my grocery shopping in Moore at Aldi, and half the people I work with live in Moore. Moore and Norman share a vocational school–Moore-Norman Technology Center. Whenever I was job hunting, I included Moore in my search area because it’s so very close. My oldest friend lives there, as do several of the women from my guild at church. I could go on and on. This isn’t some distant, unfamiliar place–this is home. The devastation is just unbelievable. Entire blocks just wiped off the map. Whole housing editions reduced to rubble. There are no words.

3. Rubbernecking 

You’ll notice that I’ve posted exactly zero photos of storm damage. That’s because I have none, not one. For the first week after the first storms hit, it was nearly impossible to get into Moore, or so I’ve been told. I didn’t try because I didn’t have any business there, but so many people came to gawk. Now, a lot of people came to help out, and that’s commendable, but to have a look? Now, I fully intend to take a drive through some areas that are familiar to me to see how they fared, but in a few weeks, the damage will still be there, so it can wait. Right now, people need to keep out so that the folks that are trying to get help in–or just trying to get to and from work–are able to get around.

4: The Blame Game

Jennifer wrote a post the other day about the tornadoes that had me seeing red. Yes, I know people can be unimaginably cruel in comboxes, but I was just appalled by one bit in particular.


The tenor of almost all of the negative responses was that the devastation that the people of Moore experienced was ultimately their fault: They supposedly didn’t build their houses out of proper material, they probably supported policies that caused global warming, or they shouldn’t have chosen to live in that part of the country in the first place.


Not the bit about global warming. Or not choosing to live in this part of the country. It was the bit about not building houses out of the proper material. That was the bit that well, stuck in my craw if you want me to get hillbilly hostile about it. Do these people understand what tornadoes do? A tornado will reduce a brick house and a dilapidated shack to an equal amount of crumbs. Furthermore, it will reduce a brick house to crumbs and leave the dilapidated shack next door intact. That’s the horror of it. They come and go where they please with no clear path, constantly changing direction, dropping down in an instant and dissipating in another.

While we’re on the topic, though, this isn’t about where we choose to live. This is our home. Hiding out in makeshift storm shelters is how most of us learned to pray!

5: The Shame Game

I’m not going to name names, but people around here will know who I’m talking about. There are a fair amount of home builders that put up mass produced, cookie cutter homes at a rate that would make your head spin. These homes are good quality, too. If you go to their websites, they’re very energy efficient and have extensive warranties. One thing they do not include is a storm shelter. Now, storm shelters have evolved greatly over the years, and I know several people who have a very small shelter in their garage. These shelters are expensive for a homeowner to install, but they would cost far, far less for the home builder to install. Which brings me to the harshest thing I’ve ever said on this blog, and possibly the harshest thing I’ll ever say:

Any home builder that mass produces homes in Tornado Alley, specifically in the Moore/North Norman area where tornadoes are most common, and doesn’t include a storm shelter should be ashamed of themselves. ASHAMED.

That’s all I have to say about that.

6: Another Round

Tonight, we had another round of tornadoes. WOAH! It was something fierce, let me tell ya. A lot of people got on the road and tried to outrun it, which is a smart thing to do a few hours before the storms hit, but not once the clouds start brewing. Again, you just don’t know which way they’re going to turn, where they’re going to go, when they’re going to drop. You’ve just got to hunker down somewhere (preferably underground) and ride it out.

We had a few hours of anticipation and panic as the storms rolled in. Scott and I kept an eye on the TV as the storm came into Norman. I gathered the cats up in their carrier (much to their disdain), we set flashlights out around the house (you never want to be too far from one when the power goes out!) and Scott filled his water jug up. As we were waiting to see if we needed to go to the neighbor’s house and get in their storm cellar, I started to pray the rosary. Before I could finish, the storm eased up and suddenly, we were in the clear. Isn’t that how life goes? There’s so much to worry about, but all you can do is prepare as well as you can, pray as hard as you can, and before you know it, the storm has passed.

7: Our Lady of Charity

I’m not a bad Catholic, I’m just lazy! Is that better than being bad? Anyway, I’ve had an Our Lady of Charity prayer card for several years now, but I didn’t look up the story until last week. I bought a Lady of Charity candle at Wal-Mart, and I burned it during the May 20th storm, and afterwards, my curiosity finally got the better of me. If you don’t know the history, do not delay! Click on the picture below–you won’t regret it!


Was that an angry rant? I hope it didn’t sound to angry, it’s just been a long couple of weeks! In this calm between the storms, me and mine are all safe and well and I hope the same for you and yours. Pray for Oklahoma and when you’re done, go check out more, hopefully less depressing quick takes at Conversion Diary!

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