My name is Rebecca and I’m a Catholic Working-Wife, happily married to my husband, Scott, since November 3, 2007. Since our confirmation at Easter Vigil 2007, I’ve done my best to be a good Catholic and I’ve honestly enjoyed my faith. Over the past few years, something has happened. I haven’t exactly turned from the faith, but I’ve been losing discipline. I woke up one morning a few weeks ago with a solid thought in my head: God is not the center of my life. I may have even said it aloud. As I went about my morning routine, getting around for work, I tried to counter that thought. Of course He is. I go to Mass frequently, I say a prayer every night, I read my bible when I can. However, no matter how I tried to convince myself, I knew that it was true. Somewhere along the way, I stopped immersing myself in my faith and was contenting myself with whatever I could “squeeze in” my busy schedule. However, I have plenty of time for facebook, Netflix, and whatever comedy pages cross my path.

So this is my journey to put God at the center of my life, exploring the plethora of resources available to all of us.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your creative Blog Title caught my eye today – aren’t we all sometimes too indecisive in our Faith Lives, especially when we let fears or apathy choke our forward faith steps? Thanks for your honesty – Faith is a journey & i am looking forward to reading more about yours!! grace, peace & indecisiveness – Virginia : )

  2. monica

    I found you when I searched to learn the name of the Patron Saint of Drug Addicts. I am grateful that God brought me to your blog. So grateful, too, that God called you and you answered Him. I will visit often. God bless.

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