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7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol 12: ELVIS! FIRE! PARTY!


The hardest part about Christmas shopping is wrapping up all the awesome stuff you bought and giving it to someone else. Today I bought just a bajillion bottles of lotion at Bath & Body Works because there’s not a lady on my shopping list that wouldn’t love it.

download (1)

Then I started to notice how awfully dry my skin is. It’s downright painful. And how do I know for sure if anyone else will like these scents? You see, I picked them based on what I think smells good. These would make terrible gifts! I think I should hang on to them and just suffer through using them all.


St. Veronica’s Guild had our annual Christmas party! We adopted a local family to buy presents for, decided where to spend the rest of our monies, played dirty Santa and ATE! These ladies take these things very seriously, so I was not surprised to receive a phone call a few days ago to see if I was coming and advise me that there were to be no gag gifts in the gift exchange, only nice gifts. Bath & Body Works is nice, right?

I was also not surprised to see the amount of decorating that was done:



And no one should have been surprised at how cute the cupcakes I brought were.


Of course I made them myself! I made the toppers, too…out of old Christmas lights! Don’t worry, the mercury level is quite low!


Dirty Santa was played with extreme adherence to policy. We are Catholic, after all. Each gift could only be stolen twice. No gifts were to be opened until everyone had chosen a gift. Therefore, any thieving was done based on wrapping, which could be deceiving, you can imagine. Once all gifts were picked, they were to be opened one at a time, in the same order as before.

Now, as soon as I saw this present under the tree, I knew I had to have it!


And, lucky for me, it was stolen once already when my turn came, so I went and stole it again and it was all mine! I didn’t even care what was in the box, but…


It was still a wonderful gift! Oh, I’ll be getting some use out of this, with the pain I’ve been having in my arm! Plus, I’m going to start working out again very soon, so it will come in handy for injuries, too! I think I made out pretty well!

Now, I was a little worried about my gift not being up to snuff, but I took two bottles of lotion and I think it was right on par with the other gifts. I just didn’t want anyone to feel jipped! But nothing could really compare to ELVIS, right?


I sent Scott a picture of the Elvis ornament and he was just ecstatic, too. We both just love Elvis and we keep saying we need more Elvis stuff. Prove it, you say?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Or maybe that’s proof that we can’t agree on anything since we couldn’t agree on 1 Elvis to take our picture with? Whatever, we have an AWESOME new Christmas tree ornament and a FABULOUS body wrap. I guess it pays to sacrifice one’s lotions.


Have you downloaded Advent at Ephesus yet? It’s just wonderful! I downloaded it on my new Kindle Fire and let me tell you, those nuns sing with the voices of angels! I started listening to it while I was doing dishes and my Sylvia plopped down right in front of the Fire so she could listen. She just loved it!


This is the same cat that runs over to the Advent wreath when it’s time to light it, and lays down beside me when I do prayers. She’s a CATholic!

So, don’t take it from me, take it from Sylvia: Advent at Ephesus is worth every penny!

(Sylvia and I just LOLed at that because our other cat is called Penny.)

Don’t wait another moment, go download it today!


Seen at the mall while Christmas shopping….

When I got into Jr. High school (7th grade) we were suddenly grown-ups. Why? Because we had a tampon machine in the ladies room. That’s what grown-up ladies expect when they go to the bathroom: the last minute opportunity to obtain a tampon or sanitary napkin (which I was horribly disappointed to learn was no more than a mere maxi pad). Today’s woman needs more than that. Yesterday’s woman may have found herself in the bathroom and suddenly realized her Aunt Flo was in town. The tampon machine was her solution. Today’s woman may find herself in front of the bathroom mirror and suddenly realize her hair is horrible. What is the solution to this conundrum?


Third option from the left: Hair extensions for $0.75 each. “When life just can’t wait.”

Wha? Why? Ugh…


In regards to my previous mention of my Kindle Fire…..let me break it down for you.

  • Scott and I bought each other Kindle Fires for Christmas.
  • Kindle boxes are very distinctive. Even wrapped up, it was obvious it was the same present.
  • Scott approached me a few weeks ago with, “So, a buddy of mine wants to get a tablet, but he doesn’t know anything about them. You know about that stuff, what kind of tablet would you want?”
  • Yeah, he thought he was being real smooth.
  • One year we bought each other matching bathrobes without planning it. So, we had a feeling such a thing would happen again.
  • Fine. I’ll admit it. I got on Scott’s Amazon account to see which tablet he got me.

So we went ahead and opened them up. We love them! I already buy so much digital content through Amazon, it just didn’t make any sense to get anything else. Plus, with the Fire, you get more than what you pay for, because Amazon expects to make money from digital purchases, not buying the tablet.

We love them!

download (2)

People are asking me what I’m going to do with my Kindle e-reader. I’m going to read with it! I still love it, two years later!

download (3)

Why do I keep taking pictures there? It’s just such a pretty spot, what with that lovely table runner and all. Who made that gorgeous thing? Somebody with a lot of talent!

I guess we can add “pride” to the list for my next confession.

But wait, there’s more! Head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!
I know, it’s like it’s Christmas already!


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7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 9


So beautiful…

After 2 weeks of being gluten free….I still feel like garbage. Last week was a particularly horrible. I could barely get out of bed in the morning, my arms and legs were in various levels of pain constantly, and my energy level was 0. Giving up gluten hadn’t done me one bit of good. Last Thursday, I told Scott I’d had it, and there was no point in continuing on when I wasn’t getting a bit better. Then, I sat down and ate some crackers. They were amazing.


Now that that’s over, I’m looking into some other options. Unfortunately, if said options work out, I may receive a diagnosis of hipster. I really don’t want that. More details on that later.


Sunday was St. Joseph’s Women’s Club’s 90th annual Thanksgiving dinner! It was just tremendous. Over the course of 4 days of cooking, 600 pounds of turkey were stuffed, cooked, sliced and boned and the bones boiled down for gravy, a flipping TON of potatoes were peeled and sliced by hand, and the people of the parish brought in over 300 pies! Now, much to my disappointment, the majority of these pies were store bought! Oh well, it was still a fantastic dinner. So much work goes into planning, preparing and cleaning up–and it’s been done the same way for just about the whole of the last 90 years. This was my first year to help out, and I’m looking forward to many, many, more.

One of the ladies that has been helping out since 1950, Margaret, had a nasty fall a few months ago. For, gosh, who knows how many years, she’s made potato soup for the workers on the day before the dinner. While she was recovering nicely, there was some concern over whether or not she would be able to participate this year. Thankfully, Margaret was able to make it to the church to walk some of the ladies through making the soup.

What does 90 years of tradition get you?

I’m salivating just looking at that picture! Just for the record, that is the BEST turkey gravy EVER!!!


I am horribly saddened by the conflict in Israel. We must continue to pray for peace.


I know what you’ve been thinking: “Why aren’t there any really good, zany, Catholic reality TV shows?” Here come the Fulwiler’s to the rescue!

I just cannot wait. I think the title could be better. Something like “Of Converts and Scorpions” or “The Archdiocese of Arachnids” would certainly fit the bill.


Scott has been working the night shift for about 6 months now. Before we were married, I lived by myself for 5 years. For some reason, at the age of 30, after thousands of nights alone, I am suddenly terrified to go to bed by myself. I lay awake, clutching my teddy bear, hoping Scott will surprise me by coming home early. He never does.

What’s terrifying me? I lay there and convince myself there’s someone in the house. Suddenly, bits of horrible horror movies go racing through my head. I don’t know what’s got me so scared.

Penny Lane, my eldest cat, has abandoned me. She prefers hiding under the bed to looking after Mama. My youngest, Sylvia, has been a furry little angel. I’d probably not sleep a wink if she weren’t keeping watch all night.

Don’t worry, Mama! I’m keeping guard!

I hope I snap out of this soon. Sylvia deserves a break.


Does anyone else wish they were making a pilgrimage during the Year of Faith? I hadn’t thought of it until I saw the handy pilgrim kits the Holy See is handing out to pilgrims. Now I want to go!

The Fulwilers are on pilgrimage to a monastery this week! How exciting that must be! Head on over to Conversion Diary for more info and more quick takes!

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7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 7


I am officially a farmer! I harvested my first crop of spinach, and doesn’t it look delish? I actually planted a mesclun mix, but the spinach grew so high, so fast, and so thick that it blotted out the sun for the rest of the greens. I was so excited about a week of garden fresh veggies…and then it turned out to be just enough for each of us to have one helping of creamed spinach. Oh well, we can always grow more. It was wonderful!


After reading about Death by Bread at The Holy Terra, I decided to try a gluten free week to see if my numbness and pain would go away. I started Wednesday, so it’s not like I’ve actually gotten anywhere yet, but sheesh! Gluten intolerance is expensive! There was a teeny, tiny section at Walmart with gluten free items, and then we went to Natural Grocers, and of course, they had tons of stuff. For a price. I’ll go into more detail in another post. It’s been…interesting. If nothing else, this week should show me some empathy for those who live with food allergies/intolerance.


Scott and I are quickly approaching our 5 year anniversary! How exciting! We still don’t know how we’re going to celebrate. We’ll probably do dinner and a movie because we’re too lazy to get creative. Anyone have any movie recommendations?


Did you know I have a sister site? Literally! I know what you’re thinking, Patron Saint of Lack of Commitment? Patron Saint of Phobias, ADD, and Hypochondria? Nope, it’s The Variant Purist. It’s my sister’s semi-Catholic blog. What’s semi-Catholic? Let’s just say she’s more indecisive than I am. Betsy is currently attending RCIA and still uncertain about joining the church. Please pray for her on her journey. For lack of a better picture, and because my anniversary is coming up, enjoy this picture of the two of us at my wedding:

I’m the one in white.


I’ve started a new fitness routine, and it’s highly controversial. I call it Rosary Yoga. The numbness in my arms and legs has slowly turned into searing pain. I’m still awaiting a diagnosis, but there aren’t a whole heck of a lot of things it could be at this point. In just about any of the possible outcomes, yoga is recommended to strengthen muscles, alleviate pain and maintain balance. Literal balance, not mental. I’m literally trying not to fall over. Anyhoo. Yoga happens to be very controversial and there are very good reasons for it. However, it just so happens to be the best solution for me right now. So, I invented Rosary Yoga. I throw in my rosary meditation CD and hold each pose for 2 Hail Marys. I think it’s positively genius, and will start a new Rosary Yoga movement. Or people will just whisper about how crazy I am. Like that’s anything new.


Speaking of controversial, I have a few issues with Halloween, however, the biggest one is that I just don’t care about it anymore so I usually don’t get any further than that. That’s especially sad considering the fact that Scott and I had our first date on Halloween, 7 years ago! Oh well. I would discuss my Halloween issues further, but there’s the whole “don’t care” thing. I look forward to All Saint’s Day and I’ll let Dr. Taylor Marshall tell you all about Halloween. Wonderful article. I read the whole thing, even though I don’t care. He’s that good.


Who else is ready for Advent? I’m still hoping to get all of my Christmas shopping done early so I can enjoy Advent for what it is instead of stressing out. My husband’s family is quite large, so we’ve been debating on just drawing names so we can pare down the number of gifts to worry about. It just seems like every year, I want to have a peaceful, meaningful Advent, but I always get sucked into the gift-buying mayhem. Maybe this year?

For Thanksgiving, I’m seriously considering freezing as many dishes as I can ahead of time so they can be easily prepared the day of. I don’t even know where we’re having Thanksgiving (large family and all that), but it couldn’t hurt to be prepared!

That was really weird, right? One minute we’re talking about me eating spinach out of the backyard, the next it’s Halloween and Yoga-but-it’s-okay-I-did-the-rosary-with-it. Then outta nowhere, I’m like, Merry Christmas!

Good grief. Check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes and hopefully fewer shenanigans.

One more thing. I think it’s worth noting that I spelled shenanigans right on the first try.

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