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Dear Rebecca: In Which I Answer Your Burning, Yearning Questions

I am constantly besieged by questions from readers such as yourself. Questions you’re not comfortable with asking me directly, so you type them into a search engine, and then, while looking over your search results, you click on my blog to find the answer! Well, answers you shall have!

who is the patron saint of indecisiveness?StM

This is the most common question I come across, and the answer is easy: there isn’t one. It’s just a clever name for my blog based on someone making a snarky remark about what a bad Catholic I am. Leave indecisiveness behind and make a firm resolution to follow Christ!

I’d also like to throw in, just as a bonus, a little word of affirmation. It’s not just you, it’s really hard to spell the word “indecisiveness!” In fact, that’s probably the number one reason I’m constantly wanting to change the name of my blog. I just can’t decide on a new name.

who is the patron saint of grave diggers?

I certainly hope you’re asking that question as a matter of professional curiosity!

The answer is absolutely fascinating! The first response I got was St. Anthony the Abbot–who was he? That’s a much better question! He was a hermit, who upon hearing the gospel message to give away what we have and follow Christ,  walked out the door of the church and into the unknown to live a life of prayer and fasting, giving away everything he had. St. Anthony wasn’t mere middle class, oh no, he was quite wealthy.

Whenever St. Anthony would learn of someone who was holy, he would travel to see them so that he could imitate their holiness and become closer to God.

Giving up everything wasn’t easy. There were many temptations and struggles, but God spoke to St. Anthony and told him because he persevered that He would protect him forever. At this time, St. Anthony was living in a tomb, so I suppose that’s where the grave digger thing comes from.

Many who came to see St. Anthony were healed, so naturally, more and more people came to see him. Fearing that he would become prideful, St. Anthony fled to the desert, where he was cared for by Saracens until his friends inevitably caught up with him again. He lived to be 105 and is the patron of basket makers, skin diseases, brush makers and gravediggers.

saint michael the arc angle birth and death date?

St. Michael the Archangel is, and has ever been an angel. While he was certainly created at some point, and may someday cease to exist, these moments would not fall within the confines of our modern calendar. I think perhaps you are laboring under the misconception that when we die, we become angels. This is simply not true. Angels and humans are two completely different types of beings and cannot transform into each other. That would be comparable to a dog becoming a cat or a  shrub becoming a rose bush. Your question, however, does give me another opportunity to extol the virtues of saying the St. Michael prayer.

after been gluten free for a week my arm started going numb?

Go to the doctor! ASAP!

cat dressed as pope



doesn’t mea culpa mean?

Mea culpa literally means “my fault.” It is part of one of the forms of the Penitential Rite during Mass (it’s not used very frequently, unfortunately) and the full text is:

Confíteor Deo omnipoténti et vobis, fratres,quia peccávi nimis cogitatióne, verbo, ópere et omissióne:mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa.Ideo precor beátam Maríam semper Vírginem,omnes Angelos et Sanctos, et vos, fratres,oráre pro me ad Dóminum Deum nostrum.

Which translates to:

I confess to almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters,that I have greatly sinned,in my thoughts and in my words,in what I have done and in what I have failed to do,through my fault, through my fault,through my most grievous fault; therefore I ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin,all the Angels and Saints,and you, my brothers and sisters,to pray for me to the Lord our God.

is mazzio’s gluten free pizza safe?

Since it is prepared in a kitchen where products containing gluten are also prepared, it is not considered safe for those with severe reactions to gluten. I would imagine flour flies around and gets on everything so there you go. However, for those who can tolerate trace amounts of gluten, it is absolutely delicious! You may be tempted to eat the whole pizza, so no, it’s not safe at all!

what does repatronizing mean?

I don’t think it means anything–I’m pretty sure I made it up!

what saints practiced temperance?

I’m pretty sure the best answer to that is “all of them.” However, I did find a lovely gem of a prayer for temperance.

too much spinach soup?070

I only include this one because it has been asked FIVE BLOODY TIMES!!!!

Eating too much spinach can cause you to have iron absorption problems, kidney stones, or other digestive problems. You should have green vegetables every day, but it is important to have different vegetables so that you don’t have issues with mineral buildup. Variety is important to a balanced diet.

is st.clare a patron of something or someone?

Yeeeees…For one thing she’s the patron of television, so ask for her aid when you’re searching for wholesome programming on Netflix. St Clare spent an awful lot of time on her sick bed, and when she was too ill to go to Mass, she would see the mass projected on the wall of her chamber.  Though it sounds far fetched, Clare was able to confirm what people were wearing, where they were standing, who was present and other details that she would not have been able to know otherwise. She’s also the patron of eye disease, goldsmiths, laundry,embroiderers, gilders, good weather, needleworkers, Santa Clara Pueblo, telephones, and telegraphs.

Goldsmiths? The Clares are impoverished! Where did that come from?!?!?!

Those crazy patron saints!

imposter pope francis genuflect?


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The Invocation of Wealth: Dear Reader, yes you DID come to the right place!



WordPress is ever so helpful. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the traffic stats, I get all sorts of information about what people are reading on my site and what search terms bring them here. After seeing a spike in traffic, I decided to check out the search terms. As usual, prayers were the top searches, but there was one that baffled me.

“the invocation of wealth.”

Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Something I don’t see every day, anyway. I googled it.

“for all those people who want to be rich and live a luxurious life”

“This invocation invokes the angel of wealth. You become his master. He will bring to you money, wealth and richness in an instant”

“You will role on the bed of wealth, gold and riches. I cannot even explain to you how powerful this one invocation is. “

How in the world would someone who typed in such a thing end up here?

Do NOT by any means feel that your search for riches has gone off track or that you’ve somehow ended up in the wrong place. Oh, no. Have I got news for you.

I’m filthy stinking rich.

I live in a 1400 square foot palace. This equates to about 130 meters, which is above average for most of the developed world.  I eat. Every day. Whatever I want. I have a deep freezer full of food, plus a refrigerator. Beef? Chicken? Turkey? Tomatoes and corn? Fresh onions and peppers? Even if it’s not in season, I can find any old fruit or vegetable that I want. As I gaze around my cornucopia of food, food, food, if I decide, for example, that I want cheddar cheese on my sandwich and all I have is pepper jack, well, by golly, I can go down to the grocery store and every food I could ever want is available to me.

Open until midnight, no less.

I can complain about how expensive clothes are, but I can go down to Walmart or Target or Dollar General and get a complete outfit or two for less than a day’s wages. Ready to buy and in my size.

When I want to get more information on a particular topic, I can flip open my computer, type in my query and within seconds, I get results. If I want to go all out and read a book by an expert on the topic, I can grab my kindle and start reading within 30 seconds.

I have electric lights, so I can work all night if I so choose. My house is secure, with locks on the doors, so I’m safe at night. I have central heat and air, so even the weather can’t hurt me.

I have shelves full of little baubles, any pretty, shiny thing I want, I have. My closet is bursting with clothes for work, for play. Shoes for comfort, for sport, for work.

I have a car. It also has a heater and air conditioner. It’s very reliable and rarely has any problems. When I do have a problem, I take it to the mechanic and have it taken care of immediately by a professional who knows what he’s doing.

Sometimes people look at my car, my house, my ratty purse, and they sneer at me. What I have doesn’t meet their standard. What I have is poor. Well, I’ve got news for you, I’m not poor! I am wealthy! But so much of what I have I don’t need. I have so much I ought to get rid of because it’s just a distraction.

I have everything. But I want less!

If things were the secret to happiness, Americans would be falling in the streets, delirious for joy! But there is nothing material that will give you lasting joy. Chasing after riches is fruitless and void. If you’re a middle class American such as myself, despite what others may have told you, you already have an abundance, beyond what is common in this world. Beyond what the wealthiest citizens had 100 years ago. You already have it all. More isn’t going to make you happy.

Don’t believe what the health and wealth preachers tell you. Jesus had NOTHING. He told us not to lay up earthly treasures for ourselves, but to seek the Kingdom. St. Clare and St. Francis are two wonderful examples of real people who turned away from riches, took in lepers, and turned to God. In sickness and poverty, they had unspeakable joy because they knew God and lived the Gospels. Their lives forever point to Jesus.

Well, I’ll stop rambling and let you have it. Without further ado, the Invocation of Wealth:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God. Have mercy on me, a sinner.

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The Saints are Stalking Me!

The Battle of Rebecca vs. Cigarettes continues…

So. I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m doing with smoking. This was never intended to be a blog about quitting smoking, but God works in mysterious ways. I started on the nicotine patch Sunday. It was my husband, Scott’s idea to do so. We had a full day ahead of us, going out of town to visit my family for a birthday party and then back in town just in time for a birthday party with his family. I knew Sunday was going to be rough but dear Scottie refused to delay another day. He put on his patch. I put on mine. Let the suffering begin.

I’m really proud of the fact that I only had 8 cigarettes that day. It was an incredibly stressful day. It was the wrong day to even try to reduce, much less quit.  Good gravy, if you’d offered me a crack pipe, I probably would’ve smoked it.

Monday was better. I didn’t smoke, but I felt fluish and shaky all day. Tuesday was no better. Wednesday, I decided the patch wasn’t doing me any good so I didn’t put it on.

Wednesday was a very bad day.

This is where the saints come in. Oddly literally.

Shortly after I began my quest to grow closer to God, I became more and more convinced I needed to simplify my life. When I look back at my little one bedroom apartment I had when I was single, it seems unreal to me that Scott and I have somehow managed to fill a 3 bedroom house to the brim. I’ve made a few attempts to “de-hoard” the house, but we’ve still got a long way to go. Right along those same lines, we’ve been trying to save money for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, which has brought to light how wasteful we are with our money.

As I was digging through my wallet, searching for cash one day, I found something I forgot I had: A prayer card for St. Clare! It was like a little confirmation: “Yes, you’re on the right track. Simplify, cast aside your quest for earthly things and continue to chase after God!” A few days later, after countless hours of shopping and searching, I decided not to buy a new purse, but to get an old one out of the closet instead. I have about 4 or 5 purses altogether, so buying another would be wasteful. I picked a purse out of the closet stash and what did I find inside? A St. Francis prayer card. “The right track indeed.”

Stalking you? Beloved, we went down this road a loooong time before you ever got on it!

The day of Scott’s Great Aunt’s funeral, I sat down to watch the daily mass that evening, but that day’s mass wasn’t available, so I watched the previous day’s mass. This is unusual for me to do. For some reason, I’ve very particular about watching today’s mass or doing without. The previous day’s mass was the memorial of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, whom I had never heard of before. Yes, I’m a horrible Catholic who doesn’t know my saints. Well, since meeting him, I can’t seem to shake the guy.

I keep seeing him mentioned on blogs, Scott watched a documentary about him (right after I originally heard his story, before I blogged about it or said anything to anyone), my sister-in-law mentioned him the other day. Suddenly, the guy is everywhere!

Then came Wednesday.

A Brief History of Quitting

Let me give you just a little bit more back story. I’ve quit smoking before, but I think the longest I ever went without was just shy of a month. Maybe right at a month. I’ve used reduction a few times, but never actually quit after reducing cigarettes. The nicotine patch has been the only thing that ever got me through a full day. A few years ago, I was in the hospital for 4 days, and wasn’t able to smoke, but most of the time, they had me on a nicotine patch, plus, I’m sure the saline drip helped out. (I love a saline drip! They’re so refreshing!) Last Saturday, I did make it through the workday, but I smoked before I left for work and after I got home.

So, in the 12 years since I started smoking, I’ve never had to go even a full day without some sort of nicotine. I was not prepared for the harsh jolt of nicotine exiting my body.

Wednesday: The Day of Doom

By the time I arrived at work on Wednesday, it had already been about 12 hours since I had removed my nicotine patch the day before. It wasn’t long before I realized that the patch had been doing quite a bit of good, actually. I was visibly rattled, I kept jumping up and walking around, my chest became tight, it was hard to breathe, my hands were shaking. I went back to the ladies room at regular intervals to pray a decade on the rosary, offering up my little suffering for those suffering from major drug withdrawals. Despite the poor circulation in my leg, focusing on that pain hasn’t motivated me nearly as much as focusing on the pain someone else is going through from giving up heroin or crack or meth.

At lunch, something just broke inside me. I was exhausted from fighting the cigarette cravings. My blood felt as if it were boiling in my veins. I knelt down in the ladies room floor, fumbling with my rosary. I need help. Help! I grabbed my phone and hit search button. “Patron saint drug addiction,” I typed. My jaw dropped when I looked at the first page of results.

“Wh-what?” I asked. There he was again! I actually went back and forth for a minute or two (you’ve seen the name of this blog, right?) before my soul cried out “St. Maximilian Kolbe! Pray for us!!!” In my heart, I gathered those suffering from drug addiction around me and threw myself into my Aves, as I begged St. Maximilian to kneel with me. I burst into tears, ragged from exhaustion. I poured my heart out, but when the 10 Aves were done, there was peace.

Help along the way.

Scott and I went to the Catholic book store the next day and I picked up a St. Maximilian prayer card and a medal. I told Scott about what happened and what he had to say took me by surprise.

Scott: Maybe he’s trying to help you.

Me: Yeah. With quitting smoking.

Scott: That, too. But maybe he’s trying to help you with your blog.

Me: *Puzzled little face.*

Scott: Didn’t you read up on him? He’s the patron of journalists. He did a newsletter and a magazine and had all sorts of printing presses and equipment….

Well, obviously my blog needs all the help it can get, as can my poor abused lungs. However, I learned an additional lesson. The next time I see a saint is stalking me, I’m going to find out everything about them so that I may be able to ascertain why they are stalking me. Naturally, they’re trying to help. However, if I know what they’re trying to help me with, perhaps that can save tears later.

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St. Clare of Assisi

As the army of Frederick II approached San Damiano, home of the Order of Poor Ladies, I’m sure the air was filled with terror. The soldiers intended to raid the convent–to what end? These women had no treasures, but I can imagine their worst fears. As they came near, the nuns carried their leader, frail and sickly, out to the walls of the convent where she placed the Sacrament of the Eucharist on the wall. “O Lord, protect these Sisters whom I cannot protect now,” she prayed. Suddenly, the soldiers became frightened and changed course. The Poor Ladies of San Damiano were safe.

St. Clare of Assisi (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253) was one of the first followers of St. Francis of Assisi. Her father had arranged for her marriage when she was 15, but at 18, she chose to go against his wishes to create a new order of nuns, based on the principles of poverty Francis taught. The Order of Poor Ladies, known later as the Poor Clares, ate no meat, wore no shoes, performed manual labor and depended on donations for their needs. Their order was cloistered at San Damiano and Clare herself never left the walls of the convent. Clare was ill for most of her life, but still cared for and supported her sisters as well as Francis and his friars. When Francis fell ill, Clare tended to him until he died.

One Christmas Eve, Clare was too sick to go to mass. As she lay in bed, she was able to see the mass on the wall of her room. For this, she is the patron of television. Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, is of the order of the Poor Clares.

Patron of eye disorders and television.

Read more about St. Clare here.

Prayer to St. Clare

God of mercy, 

You inspired Saint Clare with the love of poverty.
By the help of her prayers
may we follow Christ in poverty of spirit
and come to the joyful vision of Your glory
in the Kingdom of heaven.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.


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