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7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 10


My first thought upon seeing Jennifer’s 7 Quick Takes in my Google Reader queue was something along the lines of “What the crap are people doing on the internet right now?!?!?!?!?!?” I’m utterly brain dead after two days of non-stop baking, driving, and eating. Of course, a look around at Jen’s blog shows that dozens of bloggers are posting their takes. Good gravy. Now I feel obligated.


Yes, I’m one of those obsessive people who weighs myself every morning, especially on mornings when I know I won’t like the results. We attended a grand total of 3 Thanksgiving feasts between Wednesday and Thursday. Between Wednesday morning and Friday morning….I gained 4 pounds.

The scale don’t lie.

So there’s the bad news. The good news (or really, horribly, terrible news, depending on your point of view) is that I thought it would be worse…


Scott and I watched all 3 (REAL) Spiderman movies in the last week. We watched that pitiful excuse for a reboot as well, which is what spurred the marathon. Had to wash the taste of the reboot out of our mouths. Now, when I saw the 3rd movie in the theater, I hated it. In fact, I don’t think I ever watched it again, and someone bought me the DVD when it first came out. However, it was better on the second watch. Much better than the reboot.

I’m sorry, but Sam Raimi’s Spiderman was perfect–for 2 movies, anyway. It was somewhat less than perfect, but still wonderful, for a 3rd.


I’m redesigning my blog to make it more sortable! So, up top, you can go straight to Daily Mass Readings, Daily Prayers (which, sadly, are posted far less than daily), or to Everything Else if you want to skip straight to hearing my psychotic babbling about the Catholic Church, food, and whatever else pops into my line of sight.


2 years ago, I was able to get a free printer from the employee rewards program at work. It’s this one here, to be specific. There were several printers available from the program, and I did my research, and made sure I got the best one. We’d been through several printers, but when it came to printing photos, which was my #1 wish, we never quite got the quality we wanted. At the time, (I have no idea if it’s currently true) it was the highest rated printer on Amazon. I was so excited when it came! Of course, we were moving, so I left it in the box. For the next few months. I had to hook it up to print out income tax return information. And then I printed coupons from time to time. Printed out quite a few papers for our trip back in September. A few months ago, I had to replace the ink, and it dawned on me that we had not printed a single photo! Just documents! How boring is that? So, a few days ago, I bought a 12$ collage frame at WalMart and printed out 7 pictures from our vacation, added a vintage postcard and voila! I finally used my printer! Then, I took a hasty, blurry picture of it with my cellphone…

…and sent it to my sister in the hopes that she could feel the picture quality without being able to really see it. They actually turned out very well! Good to know how well the printer works after having it for 2 years.


Yes, that’s a picture of Scott and Elvis. And the picture above it, that you can’t really see because of the flash? That’s me and a different Elvis.


I keep telling myself I don’t need to go to the store, I mean, ANY store today. My brain, however, is just convinced that I must. Pete’s sake, I’m working until 9:30pm (gotta love retail holiday hours), so why would I want to go to some overcrowded, overshopped store? I guess since I work right next to WalMart, the marketing vibes are hitting my brain every day.

Brain: Hey, I need to go get some more green tea after work.

Me: What the? Dude! We have, like, 4 boxes of it at home!

Brain: But I don’t know how much of the mint I have left.

Me: Ssssh! Whatevs! If we run out, we can just make of the plain tea and put some toothpaste in it!

Brain: Fine. *1 hour later* Hey, we need to stop and get some fruit!

Me: Seriously?!?!?! We bought 20 pounds of fruit only a week ago! We’ve still got tons to go through!

Brain: But I don’t know that I have enough blueberries.

Me: Pete’s sake! We have at least 15 bananas and who knows how many bags of strawberries! We’ll get by!

Brain: Fine. *45 minutes later* Hey, let’s go get a new picture frame after work!

Me: What?!?!?! No, no, no! No more picture frames until I get some more pictures printed off!

Brain: Fine. *Half an hour later* I need yeast! What if I want to make some homemade bread?


And we go back and forth like that pretty much all day.

We being…me. And me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Only a week and 2 days left until Advent! I hope it will be merry and bright for all!

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7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 9


So beautiful…

After 2 weeks of being gluten free….I still feel like garbage. Last week was a particularly horrible. I could barely get out of bed in the morning, my arms and legs were in various levels of pain constantly, and my energy level was 0. Giving up gluten hadn’t done me one bit of good. Last Thursday, I told Scott I’d had it, and there was no point in continuing on when I wasn’t getting a bit better. Then, I sat down and ate some crackers. They were amazing.


Now that that’s over, I’m looking into some other options. Unfortunately, if said options work out, I may receive a diagnosis of hipster. I really don’t want that. More details on that later.


Sunday was St. Joseph’s Women’s Club’s 90th annual Thanksgiving dinner! It was just tremendous. Over the course of 4 days of cooking, 600 pounds of turkey were stuffed, cooked, sliced and boned and the bones boiled down for gravy, a flipping TON of potatoes were peeled and sliced by hand, and the people of the parish brought in over 300 pies! Now, much to my disappointment, the majority of these pies were store bought! Oh well, it was still a fantastic dinner. So much work goes into planning, preparing and cleaning up–and it’s been done the same way for just about the whole of the last 90 years. This was my first year to help out, and I’m looking forward to many, many, more.

One of the ladies that has been helping out since 1950, Margaret, had a nasty fall a few months ago. For, gosh, who knows how many years, she’s made potato soup for the workers on the day before the dinner. While she was recovering nicely, there was some concern over whether or not she would be able to participate this year. Thankfully, Margaret was able to make it to the church to walk some of the ladies through making the soup.

What does 90 years of tradition get you?

I’m salivating just looking at that picture! Just for the record, that is the BEST turkey gravy EVER!!!


I am horribly saddened by the conflict in Israel. We must continue to pray for peace.


I know what you’ve been thinking: “Why aren’t there any really good, zany, Catholic reality TV shows?” Here come the Fulwiler’s to the rescue!

I just cannot wait. I think the title could be better. Something like “Of Converts and Scorpions” or “The Archdiocese of Arachnids” would certainly fit the bill.


Scott has been working the night shift for about 6 months now. Before we were married, I lived by myself for 5 years. For some reason, at the age of 30, after thousands of nights alone, I am suddenly terrified to go to bed by myself. I lay awake, clutching my teddy bear, hoping Scott will surprise me by coming home early. He never does.

What’s terrifying me? I lay there and convince myself there’s someone in the house. Suddenly, bits of horrible horror movies go racing through my head. I don’t know what’s got me so scared.

Penny Lane, my eldest cat, has abandoned me. She prefers hiding under the bed to looking after Mama. My youngest, Sylvia, has been a furry little angel. I’d probably not sleep a wink if she weren’t keeping watch all night.

Don’t worry, Mama! I’m keeping guard!

I hope I snap out of this soon. Sylvia deserves a break.


Does anyone else wish they were making a pilgrimage during the Year of Faith? I hadn’t thought of it until I saw the handy pilgrim kits the Holy See is handing out to pilgrims. Now I want to go!

The Fulwilers are on pilgrimage to a monastery this week! How exciting that must be! Head on over to Conversion Diary for more info and more quick takes!

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7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 8 (The Babygate Incident)



If you’re following this from 7QT Friday at Conversion Diary, please feel free to share your wisdom with me and my sister, who is going through RCIA. You can read my cry for help here.

For whatever reason, this story has been on my mind today and I just felt that I needed to share it. So, here’s my healing rosary story in 7 quick takes:


Thanksgiving 2009, Scott and I were at his parents’ house, preparing to enjoy a nice dinner. Due to a number of small children, there was a baby gate between the kitchen and the dining room. I was going from the kitchen to the dining room. I swung my right leg over. Success. I swung my left leg over. FAIL. My foot got caught on the baby gate and I hit the ground with a WHOMP that echoed through the house. Scott has a very large and loud family, but everyone heard my knee hit the floor. Everyone rushed over to see what happened.

Safety 1st, my toe!


Of course, I was humiliated. Rebecca fall down go boom. Everyone kept asking if I was okay. I kept assuring everyone that it didn’t hurt that bad because, well, it didn’t! I was perfectly fine. That year, we were living in Tulsa, and I had to work the next day, so right after dinner, we got in the car and drove for 2 hours from Norman back to Tulsa. Everything was fine. Except…


When we got back to Tulsa, I couldn’t walk.

I tried to get out of the car like normal and nearly fell. I was hurt after all. The next few days, I found that my knee would lock up when I sat for more than a few minutes. I walked with a little limp, a little hobble. As the weeks went on, it didn’t get any worse, but it certainly didn’t get better. Genuflecting and kneeling at Mass was painful, and when it was time to get up, I had to hold onto the pew in front of me with one hand and Scott with the other. Even if I was just sitting, standing up was suddenly a big production. Getting in and out of the car, getting out of bed….you name it, it was tough.

One night when we were visiting in Norman, I went to adoration at the chapel without Scott and knelt to do the rosary. I literally didn’t think I was going to be able to get up. The chapel pews weren’t quite tall enough for me to really pull myself up, but I managed to do it with some considerable effort.


After a few months, I resigned myself to the fact that I had a bad knee. Why didn’t I go to the doctor? Well, Scott was unemployed at the time, and when your husband is unemployed, you don’t go to the doctor unless there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to die. I used a knee brace some days, but I had a hard time keeping it on so I did without most of the time.


3 months after the Babygate incident (you must have seen that one coming), my favorite liturgical season arrived: LENT. I decided to do the rosary every day of Lent. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always kneel through the entire rosary. Because I’m extreme like that.

Not just extreme. Catholic insanity wolf extreme!

Actually, as a Catholic convert, I started doing it that way because I thought you were supposed to (I still think you’re supposed to) and now that’s just what I do. So, every evening, wincing and groaning, I knelt down by the bed and did the rosary. Some nights, I was able to pull myself up by holding onto the bed, and some nights, I had to roll around and get into a better position. My knee just didn’t work anymore.

Why didn’t I stop kneeling and genuflecting? Because I’m a Catholic, that’s why!


I think it was the weekend of Palm Sunday…we were back in Norman and I went to the Chapel for Adoration. I knelt to do the rosary, and then got up and sat down.

And then I realized what I had just done. Without rolling around. Without pain or agony or hoisting.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but my knee was completely healed. It hasn’t bothered me a day since.


Yes, yes, you can say that it just needed time to heal, however, it was out of whack for over 4 months and I doubt that applying pressure to it for 20 minutes a night is standard medical procedure. I did the rosary every night, only missing 2 nights out of 46 and my busted knee that showed no improvement for 4 months was suddenly perfectly fine. Say what you will, I know that my knee was healed because of my prayers. The most amazing thing about it for me is that I never once asked for it.

Doing the rosary every night is hard to do. I want to get in the habit, but I always seem to fall out after just a few days. But I know that what happened to my knee is just a tiny taste of the goodness I could experience in my life if I just devoted 20 minutes a day to prayer and meditation on the life of Christ.

I love to kneel in prayer. There is no better way to address the creator of all things than to kneel in absolute reverence. I would hate to not be able to kneel before the consecrated host, before communion, and for the rosary. We need more kneeling, not less. That’s just one more thing the Catholic church has given me.

Isn’t that just awesome? Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for healing my knee! If you feel the need to go kneel and get a decade in real quick, feel free, but head over to see Jen for more quick takes just as soon as you get done!

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7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol 7


I am officially a farmer! I harvested my first crop of spinach, and doesn’t it look delish? I actually planted a mesclun mix, but the spinach grew so high, so fast, and so thick that it blotted out the sun for the rest of the greens. I was so excited about a week of garden fresh veggies…and then it turned out to be just enough for each of us to have one helping of creamed spinach. Oh well, we can always grow more. It was wonderful!


After reading about Death by Bread at The Holy Terra, I decided to try a gluten free week to see if my numbness and pain would go away. I started Wednesday, so it’s not like I’ve actually gotten anywhere yet, but sheesh! Gluten intolerance is expensive! There was a teeny, tiny section at Walmart with gluten free items, and then we went to Natural Grocers, and of course, they had tons of stuff. For a price. I’ll go into more detail in another post. It’s been…interesting. If nothing else, this week should show me some empathy for those who live with food allergies/intolerance.


Scott and I are quickly approaching our 5 year anniversary! How exciting! We still don’t know how we’re going to celebrate. We’ll probably do dinner and a movie because we’re too lazy to get creative. Anyone have any movie recommendations?


Did you know I have a sister site? Literally! I know what you’re thinking, Patron Saint of Lack of Commitment? Patron Saint of Phobias, ADD, and Hypochondria? Nope, it’s The Variant Purist. It’s my sister’s semi-Catholic blog. What’s semi-Catholic? Let’s just say she’s more indecisive than I am. Betsy is currently attending RCIA and still uncertain about joining the church. Please pray for her on her journey. For lack of a better picture, and because my anniversary is coming up, enjoy this picture of the two of us at my wedding:

I’m the one in white.


I’ve started a new fitness routine, and it’s highly controversial. I call it Rosary Yoga. The numbness in my arms and legs has slowly turned into searing pain. I’m still awaiting a diagnosis, but there aren’t a whole heck of a lot of things it could be at this point. In just about any of the possible outcomes, yoga is recommended to strengthen muscles, alleviate pain and maintain balance. Literal balance, not mental. I’m literally trying not to fall over. Anyhoo. Yoga happens to be very controversial and there are very good reasons for it. However, it just so happens to be the best solution for me right now. So, I invented Rosary Yoga. I throw in my rosary meditation CD and hold each pose for 2 Hail Marys. I think it’s positively genius, and will start a new Rosary Yoga movement. Or people will just whisper about how crazy I am. Like that’s anything new.


Speaking of controversial, I have a few issues with Halloween, however, the biggest one is that I just don’t care about it anymore so I usually don’t get any further than that. That’s especially sad considering the fact that Scott and I had our first date on Halloween, 7 years ago! Oh well. I would discuss my Halloween issues further, but there’s the whole “don’t care” thing. I look forward to All Saint’s Day and I’ll let Dr. Taylor Marshall tell you all about Halloween. Wonderful article. I read the whole thing, even though I don’t care. He’s that good.


Who else is ready for Advent? I’m still hoping to get all of my Christmas shopping done early so I can enjoy Advent for what it is instead of stressing out. My husband’s family is quite large, so we’ve been debating on just drawing names so we can pare down the number of gifts to worry about. It just seems like every year, I want to have a peaceful, meaningful Advent, but I always get sucked into the gift-buying mayhem. Maybe this year?

For Thanksgiving, I’m seriously considering freezing as many dishes as I can ahead of time so they can be easily prepared the day of. I don’t even know where we’re having Thanksgiving (large family and all that), but it couldn’t hurt to be prepared!

That was really weird, right? One minute we’re talking about me eating spinach out of the backyard, the next it’s Halloween and Yoga-but-it’s-okay-I-did-the-rosary-with-it. Then outta nowhere, I’m like, Merry Christmas!

Good grief. Check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes and hopefully fewer shenanigans.

One more thing. I think it’s worth noting that I spelled shenanigans right on the first try.

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